Proud Olympic Technique Bar

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Proud Olympic Technique Bar is just the bar for learning or improving your technique.

Every professional trainer will tell you that without the right exercise technique you will not reach your full potential and whats worse, you might get injured! 

Proud Olympic Technique Bar is a specialized product made of high quality aluminum covered with hardened chrome.

The Bar weighs 7.5 kg and is 183cm in length with a diameter of 28 mm. Its has a maximum load of 68 kg which allows to develop technical training of the whole body.

Why do I need such a barbell?

Working on your technique especially as a beginner is extremely important! Building on well developed foundations will help you achieve more going forward and significantly reduces the risk of injury. The barbell is created for training techniques and because of its reduced weight it is also recommended for older people and teenagers.

The Proud Olympic Technique Bar allows you to learn the correct movement patterns when performing individual exercises. It works well for Olympic doubles, deadlift or other activities, where the performed movement is highly complex. Its correct execution translates directly into results achieved.

Olympic Technique Bar
weight 7.5 kg
diameter 28 mm
total length 1830 mm
sleeve length 240 mm
ball bearings 2
plain bearings
neck finish aluminium
sleeve finish hardened chrome
load capacity 68 kg

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